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Wedding Photography
with Sentiment & Warmth

Oregon | Washington | Worldwide

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Your day is very special.

Enjoy the moments of ardor and love.

Let me capture them.

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Always present & conscious...

of the beautiful moments happening around me; that is where my mind is at when documenting a day full of details and moods. From the opulence of a beautiful venue to the quaint, yet meaningful interactions between family and friends, I notice it all. Like a fly on the wall capturing these moments, you won't even notice me!

My style is documentary and candid. I capture moments as they happen, without much staging and posing. I understand that not everyone is super comfortable in front of the camera, that's why I'll give some direction in the beginning and let the moment take you where it goes. With a great understanding of lighting, creativity, and direction, I strive to create story-filled photos with moodiness and naturality.

Creating a story all starts in the beginning where I enjoy getting to couples, their stories, and visions. I don't want to be just a camera guy. Instead, I'll be a friend behind the lens cheering you on!

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